Sunday, August 23, 2015

Getting Started with MathXL for School

All student homework and quizzes are done through MathXL for School. Go to and register a Math XL for School account. You will need an access code to do this. That access code is printed on your syllabus.

If you have lost your syllabus, e-mail me for a new one: .

Once you have registered, sign in. You will need to enroll in the appropriate course using a course code. The course code depends on your class period. Here are the codes:

1st Period - XL04-E1XP-2021-3053
6th Period - XL04-E1ZM-9021-2053
7th Period - XL04-E1ZY-0021-4053

Algebra 1
3rd Period - XL04-E1YY-6021-7043
4th Period - XL04-E1Z5-7021-4043
5th Period - XL04-E1ZF-8021-4043

If you are not going on to MathXL for School at least three times each week, you are failing my class.

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