Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MathXLforschool vs. MathXL

If a student attempts to login through "," their login will not work.

If a student attempts to login through "," their login will work.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Homework Policy

As an accommodation to some of the difficulties involved in digitally-based curriculum, I have a somewhat lenient grading policy for student homework. If a student earns at least a 70% on their homework assignment, they will be given full credit (5 out of 5 points). If a student earns a score between 10% and 69%, they will be given partial credit (3 out of 5).

First Week of School

By now, students should have gotten their syllabi signed, registered for MathXL, and begun their first assignments. All students were assigned the "Orientation" assignment on MathXL and should finish it by tomorrow night. Additionally, all students have been given an assignment to do over the weekend, "Tools of Geometry" for Geometry and "Order of Operations and Evaluating Expressions" for Algebra 1. These will be due by Monday. Expect these assignments to be given regularly. If you ever have a question as to whether or not there is incomplete homework, simply login to MathXL and check.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Get Text Notifications through

Using a service called Remind, you can receive text notifications about homework and quiz due dates. To sign up simply send an appropriate text to the number 81010. The text message depends on which class period you are in.

1st Period - "@mrschultz1"
3rd Period - "@mrschultz3"
4th Period - "@mrschultz4"
5th Period - "@mrschultz5"
6th Period - "@mrschultz6"
7th Period - "@mrschultz7"

If you do not have or want text notifications, but would prefer instead email notifications, send an e-mail to the appropriate address:

1st Period - ""
3rd Period - ""
4th Period - ""
5th Period - ""
6th Period - ""
7th Period - ""

Getting Started with MathXL for School

All student homework and quizzes are done through MathXL for School. Go to and register a Math XL for School account. You will need an access code to do this. That access code is printed on your syllabus.

If you have lost your syllabus, e-mail me for a new one: .

Once you have registered, sign in. You will need to enroll in the appropriate course using a course code. The course code depends on your class period. Here are the codes:

1st Period - XL04-E1XP-2021-3053
6th Period - XL04-E1ZM-9021-2053
7th Period - XL04-E1ZY-0021-4053

Algebra 1
3rd Period - XL04-E1YY-6021-7043
4th Period - XL04-E1Z5-7021-4043
5th Period - XL04-E1ZF-8021-4043

If you are not going on to MathXL for School at least three times each week, you are failing my class.